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DIY Home Security : Feel Safe at Home all the time

When you think of home security, it is likely that the first things that come to mind are electronic alarm systems, locked gates, and security cameras. All these things can help protect you, your family, and your property from potential trespassers who might have malicious intent. However, there are many things that you can do to make your house a less appealing target for burglars or prowlers, and most of these things are simple and easy and will often benefit in more ways than just improved security.

Furthermore, feeling safe at home is more than just protecting yourself from the outside; it is also important to protect yourself and your family from the inside by decreasing the chances of having any seriously harmful in-house accidents. If you are looking for some tips on how to safeguard your property (including your person) from harm, check out these tips:

Outside security

It is important to keep your property safe from folks who might break in for one reason or another. Burglars or prowlers typically look for houses that are either unoccupied and/or easy to get into, and so it is key to keep your house looking occupied, whether you are at home or away – and then also secure it enough to make it tough to get into. The average burglar won’t spend more than 5 minutes on any individual house, unless he or she knows that there is something particularly valuable inside. So if your house has enough security features to make entry difficult, it is likely that the potential thief will give up before really starting the mischief.

Make sure there is always “someone around the house”.

Since rogues usually target houses that appear to be unoccupied, keeping your house so it looks occupied is an important task. There are a handful of things you can do to make this reality. Here are a few of those things:

1) Use automatic timers for your lights if you won’t be around to turn them on and off at normal times. This is one of the oldest techniques out there, and so you might think, “What’s the use of using timers? Everybody has them and everybody knows that everybody has them…” You should at least try not to make it obvious that no one is around, especially if you will be gone for an extended period of time.

2) Timers can also be used with devices which raise and lower curtains to make “the person around the house” even more realistic.

3) Which brings about another suggestion regarding curtains: If you frequently travel and are not home for extended periods of time, it is a good idea to keep your curtains closed much of the time when you are at home. This sounds strange, but that way there won’t be an obvious difference between when you are home and when you aren’t home, because…

4) Even if you use timers on your window hangings, you should keep them closed most of the time you are out of the house, so prowlers won’t be able to look into your house and deduce that there is no one around.

5) When you are at home, you should also park your car in the garage with the garage door shut. That way, when you are away, folks will not know whether your car is in the garage or not, but if you always park in the driveway or with the garage door open, it will be obvious when you aren’t home because your car will be gone.

6) You can also use automatic timers with a stereo system. Turn the music up and people will think you’re rocking out inside even though you’re not…

7) Turn the music up, but turn phone ringers and message machines way down so nobody can hear the phone ringing off the hook with nobody there to answer it.

If you are going to be away for an extended period, there are a few more that you should consider:

8) Have a trusted neighbor or friend pick up your mail and any newspapers that you get while away.

9) Have that neighbor or friend put out the trash on trash day if necessary as well as taking care of any yard maintenance, such as mowing the lawn or shoveling snow depending on the season.

10) Even if you don’t need any of that stuff done, you should still tell a trusted neighbor about your absence so he or she can watch out for your house.

DIY Perimeter Alarm System

Today we gonna make a diy perimeter alarm system. This diy perimeter alarm system will be very cheap and budget friendly. You can do this diy perimeter security system easily without any help and you can use as camping perimeter alarm if neccessary.

How To Do A Perimeter Security System

All you need to make a perimeter alarm system is :

  • Cardboard Tube
  • Duct Tape
  • Stone
  • Air Horn
  • Fishing Line
  • Short Stick

Just follow this guideleness :

DIY perimeter alarm System Video

Now you can sleep easily with this low tech and high security diy perimeter alarm system.

A Guideline on Installing a Wireless Home Security System

Professional installation doesn’t always have to apply with wireless home security system. For which, simpler methods can be applied. Unlike with traditional home security systems, wireless security systems are far less complicated and require no complex wiring schemes. You will only need simple tools you have at home to install your new security system.

The guideline provided in here is only meant to apply on general conditions which can aid you in deciding if you will install wireless home security system or not. Once you buy an alarm system, please pay attention to some special instructions so you can ensure proper installation.


The initial thing that you would want to do is to plan the location of the control panel. In most cases, the control panel is placed on the door that all household members frequently use. But the thing is, the control panel must be placed nearest to the electrical outlet. Beware also of buying a switch-controlled wireless home security system.

Never choose a location that can be visible in the windows or doors. This will help you assure that burglars wont be able to see your switch so as to deactivate the alarm system.

Afterwards, figure out where to place your fire and security sensors and the alarm siren. It is important to note that you should, under no circumstances place these things in places where they can easily be detected. Burglars may find and destroy them. Nonetheless, they must be placed in locations where their sounds cannot be muffled.

Installation and programming Position now the control panel in a place of easy access of the keypad and the display screen. While the system is named wireless, it still needs some wires to connect it to the outlet. If you want further protection, you can run the wires on the wall. Drill holes below the outlet and in back of the control panel and connect the two. If the power goes out, you can rely on the back-up battery that is provided by the system to activate for continuous service.

If you are installing a monitored wireless home security system, installation can be a bit more complicated. With this, you might need the help of a technician. You would also have to install a phone line. It is wise to consult the instructions provided by the manufacturer of the item to secure complete installation of the system.

In most typical cases, instructions in programming the siren are available on the manufacturer’s instructions. Use a screwdriver to fix the house code. Like with the control panel, plug the siren in an outlet that is not switch-controlled.

Use the keypads to set the programming of the control panel. Most products will come with easy-to-follow instructions to help make things easier.

Afterwhich, you will have to install the sensors, which may consist of window and door sensors. Each of which may comprise of a magnet and transmitter. The magnet must be attached to the door or the windows while the transmitter is usually attached on the frames of the windows or the doors.

Testing Lastly, you would want to test your newly-installed wireless home security system. All control panels have test modes, which will allow you to test all system features. If everything works in order you are done but if there arise instances that needs extra work then find time to fix them. To ensure yourself that the system is working properly, test them once in every month or more.

DIY Home Security System for Budget Friendly

Today our blog post is about DIY home security systems . If you have checked many shops offering home security system, then you find how expensive for the price. You do not worry! You can actually try to choose some inexpensive diy home security system as the best solution. Well, think about diy or do it yourself, it refers to self installation and self controlled, but it doesn’t matter if you might still professional to work it by your hand. But, choosing for cheap home security is more important, because you want to save lot of cash, so here you will get some information to find inexpensive DIY home security system that should be best recommendation for you.

You will protect your home safely with great protection but you want a simple one? It’s great, because your home is your privacy as well, so it needs to be protected with great home security. Instead of renting for security man, it doesn’t ensure that your home can be safe well, but for today’s increasing technology, you need to think about great idea with high technology to save your home without complicated. There are many diy home security systems on the markets with various features and also price points. So, you need to find with perfect feature to support security in your home.

DIY Home Security System

To make easier, it is great for you to choose the inexpensive diy home security system that can work with the Smartphone. Using SkyBell and Ring might be great for your recommendation; it uses alarm bell with small video camera and also microphones with speakers which the function is to send live footage into your Smartphone when there is someone stepping on the door or passing the door. It is easy, because you can talk to the people through the application that connected with the alarm bell hardware. It is only about $199.

Diy home security system and save money
Diy home security system and save money

In addition, you can also try with Canary, it is also perfect camera with budget friendly. It includes monitoring system; you can place in high traffic area in your house, like entryway or your living room area. It actually has for 3 motion detection modes; it will show you on your Smartphone about anything wrong inside your home when you are not in there. Well, these great diy home security system can be really easy for installation and no monthly contract for these systems. Isn’t interesting right? Ok, I think you have your own decision to buy the best home security systems for you. The inexpensive ways can be your right solution for easy way to avoid criminality on your home.

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Home Security Systems What Is It and How it Works ?

Home Security Systems What Is It and How it Works ?

Not all homes are safe as they lack all the essential security devices that make a home secure. Also, the crime rate is on rise and many people worry about their family members, kids, and pets when they are out of the home. To solve such problems home security systems are gaining much popularity. They will assure that a home is safe even if a person is not there. In addition, thieves hardly think to enter a house with such a device installed. Thus, such a device will keep all valuable and important items safe.

Nowadays, it is becoming very important to make sure that your house is safe and secure as the crime rate is rising. Therefore, to get rid of such problems a number of homeowners are buying home security systems. They offer a variety of options and are capable of protecting your house and family members. They are also helpful in case of some emergencies such as flood and fires. You may have some traditional smoke detectors installed at your house, but they will not alert emergency crews in case of problem. Having a system that will help to make house secure from robbery and various disasters at the same time is a very good option.

Home Security Systems

It is always good to do a little research related with safety devices. It will help you to determine what is available in today’s market. If you are having a number of expensive items at house, you might consider Vivint security systems to protect your valuables. Glass break detectors are also available in the market as a safety device. This tool is very helpful in finding a glass breakdown situation. Some may prefer to use wireless devices for their safety as they are very easy to install and are affordable and cheap. They are far better and more efficient than all those wired devices.

Motion sensors - home security systems
Motion sensors – Home security systems

A motion sensor is also a very good choice for those who have a constant fear of house broken into. You can switch this system on when you are at house. However, if you are at your way and you can easily keep a look at the activities happening at your residence. These sensors can be installed everywhere such as on windows, doors, entrance etc. Including Life shield home security systems such as fire, heat, smoke and carbon monoxide detectors is also a nice choice to make your house secure against such disasters.

The first thing is to make sure what kind of system you like to have and find the one according to your needs. Also, check that those who are working behind the scenes are trustworthy. You should be able to depend on the company that you are going to call in case of problem. Many local stores are available from where you can buy such devices. Some online stores are also there offering such items at an affordable and cheap price. Always choose some branded company as they offer some top products.

Finally, the home security system you pick will rely on your home system. Among the components you ought to consider are whether you are developing a totally new house or revamping a current house, whether you have a lot of cash to spend or a restricted spending plan, and whether you have had great encounters with security systems before. In any case, regardless of what kind of system you settle on, the outcome will be a critical change to your family’s security.