A Guideline on Installing a Wireless Home Security System

Professional installation doesn’t always have to apply with wireless home security system. For which, simpler methods can be applied. Unlike with traditional home security systems, wireless security systems are far less complicated and require no complex wiring schemes. You will only need simple tools you have at home to install your new security system.

The guideline provided in here is only meant to apply on general conditions which can aid you in deciding if you will install wireless home security system or not. Once you buy an alarm system, please pay attention to some special instructions so you can ensure proper installation.


The initial thing that you would want to do is to plan the location of the control panel. In most cases, the control panel is placed on the door that all household members frequently use. But the thing is, the control panel must be placed nearest to the electrical outlet. Beware also of buying a switch-controlled wireless home security system.

Never choose a location that can be visible in the windows or doors. This will help you assure that burglars wont be able to see your switch so as to deactivate the alarm system.

Afterwards, figure out where to place your fire and security sensors and the alarm siren. It is important to note that you should, under no circumstances place these things in places where they can easily be detected. Burglars may find and destroy them. Nonetheless, they must be placed in locations where their sounds cannot be muffled.

Installation and programming Position now the control panel in a place of easy access of the keypad and the display screen. While the system is named wireless, it still needs some wires to connect it to the outlet. If you want further protection, you can run the wires on the wall. Drill holes below the outlet and in back of the control panel and connect the two. If the power goes out, you can rely on the back-up battery that is provided by the system to activate for continuous service.

If you are installing a monitored wireless home security system, installation can be a bit more complicated. With this, you might need the help of a technician. You would also have to install a phone line. It is wise to consult the instructions provided by the manufacturer of the item to secure complete installation of the system.

In most typical cases, instructions in programming the siren are available on the manufacturer’s instructions. Use a screwdriver to fix the house code. Like with the control panel, plug the siren in an outlet that is not switch-controlled.

Use the keypads to set the programming of the control panel. Most products will come with easy-to-follow instructions to help make things easier.

Afterwhich, you will have to install the sensors, which may consist of window and door sensors. Each of which may comprise of a magnet and transmitter. The magnet must be attached to the door or the windows while the transmitter is usually attached on the frames of the windows or the doors.

Testing Lastly, you would want to test your newly-installed wireless home security system. All control panels have test modes, which will allow you to test all system features. If everything works in order you are done but if there arise instances that needs extra work then find time to fix them. To ensure yourself that the system is working properly, test them once in every month or more.

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